E'Collezione caters to collectors, celebrities and international tourists who appreciate unique, limited edition production timepieces as well as professional & personalised service.

Our sales specialists are well versed in the history of our selection of distinguished brands such as Ateliers deMonaco, Cyrus, Eyefunny, Icelink, Christian Koban, MAD Rolex, Naked Bike, MAT, Meccaniche Veloci, Romano Alberti, Snyper, Titanblack and ABP & Jean Rousseau straps.

This boutique is the first retail project of renowned Paul Tange of Tokyo, a modern architectural masterpiece showcasing fluid lines depicting the curves of a watch silhouette. The interior has been designed as a bold, daring space with a seductive touch, attempting to capture the spirit of luxurious playfulness embodied by these exclusive timepieces.