ARMIN STROM is an independent watchmaking manufacture based in Biel/Bienne. Its mission is to produce watches that embody the finest watchmaking practices, using the most innovative technology available.

Drawing on 40 years of tradition inherited from its founder, the master of skeletonization Armin Strom, the brand inaugurated its manufacturing facilities in September 2009. The headquarters assembles under one roof all the master trades involved in the production of movements. The objective is clear: to maintain the greatest possible industrial autonomy and carry out the full product development cycle within the most efficient timescale. The seven ARMIN STROM calibres available today are manufactured in-house, including a tourbillon and an automatic, affirming this strategy's success.

Each ARMIN STROM watch is named according to the mechanisms and processes it features. This custom underscores one of the brand's characteristics, as each movement is conceived both as mechanical construction and as a design entity—a simultaneous, dual approach that culminates in a watch that demonstrates a perfect balance between the aesthetic and the functional. Reflecting the brand's very essence, this innovative product approach has been widely acknowledged, both by the trade and by watch enthusiasts. Collectors appreciate the thematic models, particularly those in a limited series, such as the Racing Collection in partnership with Marussia F1 Team or the extremely exclusive "coffrets" reserved for exceptional occasions.

Serge Michel, company owner, and Claude Greisler, director, assumed the torch of the founder, who retired in 2011, and led the transition of the brand into a manufacture. They look to the future of ARMIN STROM as an opportunity to uphold the excellence of the watchmaking tradition for centuries to come.