This watchmaker special forces units' favourite designs watches that are sturdy, easy to wear and discreet watches. Watches MER AIR TERRE (Sea Air Land) are not like any othe purchase. You will buy such a watch because you have heard about it, because you love traditionnally made beautiful watches. Matwatches earned its impressive reputation throughout the happy-few who have had the privilege to wear them. First designed to face any extreme circumstances, instruments from Matwatches can now be bought by collectors.

So enter the world of force and craft and become a true amateur.

Time for action!
The story of Matwatches started in 2005 when the RAID (France's Swat) made an order. Perfectly adapted to the very special needs of these « super cops », these watches satisfied entirely these brave demanding men of honour. Matwatches earned a legitimacy as they were worn during their raids. Impressed with the high quality of these watches that were only designed for these very special men, other units ordered them.

Matwatches have been part of all raids since 2005. A lot of other special unit forces such as COS (Headquarter of special operations unit), French Foreign Legion, Paris firefighters and the bomb squad of national security ordered these instruments from Matwatches on special specifications. Some series have been manufactured antimagnetic for military applications and the movements are protected by a Farradet cage and are assembled by master watchmakers.

No details are left aside and once again dedication to quality and « members only » policy made them choose Matwatches. Matwatches has now stepped quietly into the civilian world keeping high up its standards of sturdiness, legibility and discretion.

A trigoly = sturdiness, legibility, discretion
  • Sturdiness. Classicaly designed, efficient and manly, the watches MER AIR TERRE (SE-A-L) are comfortable around your wrist. They are waterproof up to 200, 300 metres (660/1000feet) with a thick flat sapphire crystal (antiglare coated inside) and a screwed down crown integrated in the case body. They are delivered with several kinds of straps so as to efficiently adapt to your own special needs. In the kit you will be provided with the watchmaker essentials : a bracelet or a genuine italian made rubber band (depending on the series), a tactical nylon strap, and a strong mat calf leather band.
  • Legibility. The darkened sandblasted 316L steel, the orange hands and the extremely legible face with superluminova luminescent numbers and indexes on the black background are Matwatches signature . These standards corresponded to the special units expectations.
  • Discretion. The success of Matwatches in the French army is due to its dedication to quality. Due to its limited distribution, these refined toolwatches have become rare sought after pieces. Owning a matwatch is like being part of a « members only » club. Some special units abroad have also entrusted Matwatches to equip their teams.