Meccaniche Veloci

On the circuit which intuitively leads from motor racing to your wrist, you fi nd all Meccaniche Veloci passion for racing. It's the fi rst watch brand featuring a case inspired by a four-valves piston. At the core of the Quattro Valvole it symbolizes an inborn passion for the world of motor racing. The language of sport cars, motorcycles and speed is translated into an object perfect to be worn if you wish to stand out. Meccaniche Veloci watches are the perfect embodiment of exclusivity research and innovation. Mathematical precision and poetry. Over time.

Passion for challenges is what mainly distinguishes Meccaniche Veloci style. Creativity, technology and the best Italian projects are the ingredients leading to victory. Starting from these fundamental premises, they produce watches intended as a perfect synthesis of mechanics and design, where the line is traced to support speed. They strongly want to tame the materials, and offer each of Meccaniche Veloci watches a distinctive personality.

In order to get high precision and defi nition, Meccaniche Veloci joins refi ned Italian design with the high quality of Swiss Made. Timing becomes a real performance for motor engineering and watch-making. All the components and the mechanical calibers used in Meccaniche Veloci watches are realised with selected materials and high technologies. They have passed all the scheduled quality tests, including their challenge with time.

Meccaniche Veloci aesthetics joins together functionality and a wide knowledge of the materials and techniques they use. Elements of resistance and experimentation are borrowed from the world of motors and speed. Once they are applied to watch-making craftsmanship, they can increase the value of the technical characteristics and the charm of materials. Quattro Valvole emblematically combines mechanics and excellent creativity, giving birth to the right watch for people who can't give up the vertigo of mechanics and speed.